Cast and Crew
Director : Renji Panikkar
Story : Renji Panicker
Producer : Shahul Hameed Marikkar and Anto Joseph
Music : Rajamani
Screenplay : Renji Panicker
Cinematography : Sanjeev Shankar
Raudram, with Mammootty in lead role. The action thriller sees Mammootty don the khakhi once again on screen, for the 25th time in his acting career.The film has Mammootty playing the role of Narendran, a daring Police Officer, who has always been keen on doing his duty, but is forced to make compromises due to all kinds of pressures. The enthusiasm that he had when he donned Khakhi for the first time gradually gets eroded and he is often reminded that as a Police Officer, there were a lot of limitations. But then something good happens. Narendran is put in charge of a murder case. The usual pressures are there, but somehow he finds it in him to work against these pressures and do his duty the way he thinks is right. It's a firebrand character that Mammootty will be doing in the film. Playing opposite to him in the female lead role is debutante Manju. Renji Panicker, who has scripted many a hit action thrillers like Ekalavyan, Thalasthaanam, Commissioner, Pathram, Lelam, Bharath Chandran IPS etc, has scripted the film himself and has thrown in a lot of references to contemporary politics and burning issues of the day.

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