Cast and Crew
Director : Kamal
Story : T.A. Razak
Producer : Houli Pottoor
Music : Mohan Sitara
Cinematography : P. Sukumar

Directed by Kamal, competent performances from national award winners Mammootty and Sarada and propped up by a powerful script by T A Razack, the outcome is a fare that appeals to all, cutting across gender and age barriers. An aristocratic Nair home called Easwaramangalam Kovikakam is the hub of action in Rappakal. And the soul of the ancestral home is the Head of the family Saraswathi Amma (Sarada) and her loyal servant Krishnan (Mammootty). Krishnan knows the home like the back of his palm. Nothing happens there without his knowledge. Such is Saraswathi Amma’s faith in the simpleton who came to the house as a child. Krishnan is like a son to her. Of course, Saraswathi Amma has her own children. But they are all away, working in the cities. Saraswathi Amma is averse to leaving the ancestral home. So she lives there alone with only Krishnan to give her affectionate company. The even tenor of their life is disturbed when news floats in that Saraswathi Amma’s children and other family members will soon come calling. To cope with the additional kitchen work, a new maidservant Gowri (Nayanthara) is drafted. Saraswathi Amma is excited like a child about the imminent get-together. Little is she aware of the bombshell the children are about to drop on her. The real purpose of the get-together is to discuss partition, which is anathema to a shocked Saraswathi Amma. Will Saraswathi Amma survive the traumatic experience? Do Krishnan and Gowri rush to her rescue? That forms the remainder of this absorbing family drama.

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