Ore Kadal

Cast and Crew
Director : Shyama Prasad
Story : Shyama Prasad
Producer : Vindhyan
Music : Ouseppachan
Lyrics : Girish Puthencherry
Screenplay : Shyama Prasad
Cinematography : Azhakappan

Ore Kadal is a 2007 Malayalam film written and directed by Shyamaprasad. The film examines the extra-marital relationship between an intellectual economist and a housewife. It stars Mammootty, Meera Jasmine, Narain and Ramya Krishnan.

Ore Kadal was chosen as the inaugural film of the Indian Panorama section at the International Film Festival of India. Ouseppachan won the National Award for the Best Music Director for Ore Kadal.

The film is based on Sunil Gangopadhyay’s novel Hirak Deepthi. Dr. S.R. Nathan (Mammootty) is a world-renowned professor of economics. A theorist to the core, he always harps on his pet topics of poverty and developmental issues that concern the developing world. He is a loner who hits the bottle. He is not a womanizer though; in his own terms, he loves their company.

His close friend Bella (Ramya Krishnan) is more practical. She tries to identify herself with some of the stark realities of life.

Deepthi (Meera Jasmine) is a housewife who stays in the same apartment complex with her husband (Narain) and son. Her husband is on the lookout for a job. On his persuasion, Deepthi approaches Nathan.

Their chance encounter ends up in a complex relationship. But Nathan is unperturbed and quite unmindful of his ways. While Deepthi gets a feeling of guilt, Nathan just shoos it away. In fact, he is working on a book on middle-class attitudes and notions. Yet, when confronted with real questions, Nathan loses ground — a reference to the pseudo-intellectual image.

Here, the director closely examines the disturbing relationship between two individuals. Deepthi is not able to pull herself away from Nathan.

The undercurrents in the minds of Deepti and Nathan, their tormented souls as turbulent as the sea, are captured on frame dexterously by Alagappan, the cameraman. Though the film does not give any direct message, it does hint at what makes or breaks a relationship.

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