Cast and Crew
Director : Ranjith
Story :
Producer : Ranjith
Music : Manikanth
Lyrics : Shibu Chakravorthy
Screenplay : Ranjith
Cinematography : Manoj Pillai
Balachandran, an orphan who hails from Nileswaram, is now an accountant in a fertilizer store. He lives a very ordinary life. But he has an all consuming interest in literature. Books are his only friends. From the time he can remember he had lived in the world of letters, and reading continues to be his favourite hobby. He is still unmarried, and has been living alone for years in a run-down lodge in Calicut. His room is littered with books. Slowly Balachandran starts writing. Feelings that were long suppressed well up in a cascade of words. Only a mind that can observe and absorb the intensity of each passing moment is capable of creating literary masterpieces. Balachandran is one such person. Some of his writings get published. But he wouldn't call himself a writer. He is not a person who has made it mandatory for himself to write a minimum number of words a day. He writes only when he is inspired, only when he feels an inner compulsion to write. His intermittent outpourings slowly take the shape of a novel. Once Vasudevan, an eminent literary critic, speaks in glowing terms about Balachandran's unfinished novel at a public meeting. Balachandran realizes he has what it takes to be an accomplished novelist and is determined to complete the work he has begun. In the mean time publishers come to him offering to publish his work. But suddenly Balachandran becomes a victim of what haunts most writers. He is caught in the stifling grip of what is called a writer's block. His mind becomes as blank as the paper before him. Director Ranjith takes you through the emotional conflicts that a writer faced with such a situation undergoes.Kayyoppu is a low budget film that Ranjith plans to wrap p in 15 days. Mammootty plays the lead role of Balachandran. This is his 300th film.

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