As an Actor
I was born into a middle-middle class family. Without any history of acting, atleast to my knowledge. Some or other how I developed a deep passion for acting .The force behind it is yet unknown. It was not just a whim, but a burning desire from deep within, to express myself. Even I was not aware of the potential that I had within me, when I started off. I never thought I would reach where I am today, way back then.

Society is of prime importance to me. And I truly believe an actor can bring about some positive changes in the society. I rate myself , a socially responsible person. One of the few ,Probably. The attitude , the lifestyle, everything could be changed for better.

I am not sure , how many miles I would have travelled within India and across the world. I call it endless travelling. I am not sure how many discussions I would have involved in. I call it endless discussions. From one location to another, one function to another, film related, personal , social. Meeting different personalities from different walks of life. The life has been so challenging and endearing as well.

I am a go-getter. And there is nothing wrong in it. My intentions have been good always. Since I am also a human being like any one of you, I also made mistakes in my life. Those are reflected in my movies too. But it should not be taken as a ground to despise me. I am a well wisher of all of you. I desrve your respect and concerns.

A loving family to back me up, throughout my struggles has been a blessing indeed.

Though I do not underestimate the importance of all the great personalities who have helped me, associated with me, let me call M T Vasudevan Nair and K G George my mentors. While MT discovered me , KG brought me up. I am deeply indebted to both of them.

I still have to go , a long way. I have not made my strong footings in other parts of the world. My dreams are high. Passions deep. A disciplined lifestyle, positive outlook, compassion towards others should drive me to reach my dreams.

Hope I have your well wishes, Support, Regards, Concerns. Thank you for the time. And all the best to all of you. Each one of you.
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